Kim & Kristine were amazing! As a first time home buyer I had plenty of trepidations. They guided me through every step of the process and even helped me find an awesome Mortgage and Insurance Broker. Their knowledge of the market and locations was a huge asset! I will be recommending them to all my friends!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Kim & Kristine! As a first-time homebuyer I considered going with a budget broker since I figured all realtors are probably pretty much the same. HA! Now that I’ve been through the process I see how crucial it is to have an experienced, trustworthy, and responsive person on your side helping you navigate the deal.

I worked primarily with Kristine, with Kim providing backup. (BTW I found this to be a great arrangement – Kristine always responded instantly but if she was out of town or something there was Kim to take over.)

First off, while looking for a home Kristine was FAST in getting me showings. If you live in Venice/Santa Monica you know that well-priced properties get snapped up and Kristine would often have a private showing for me within hours. I noticed she is very well-connected with local realtors and often had an existing relationship with the seller’s agent, I think that helped a lot in moving fast.

When we ended up finding our dream home it was priced way above market value – this is a very sticky situation as we wanted to put in a bid that was much lower than list price without offending the seller. Kristine gave us good advice that clearly ending up paying off as we ended up paying about 150k below list. (Obviously this was a unique situation with the property being overpriced to start with, Kristine isn’t THAT much of a miracle worker!) Honestly I was concerned that she would want to push us to bid higher since her commission depends on the final sale price, but that wasn’t the case at all. She just gave us solid advice from her experience and let us make the call on what we wanted to do.

Since I had never bought a home before I thought agreeing on a price would be the end of the process, but of course there’s still a month of escrow to go through after that. Kim & Kristine remained accessible and helpful during this process.

Clearly we were extremely pleased with how the whole process went and would definitely recommend them for property on the west side. Oh and they actually know how to use texting and email which we found was not the case for most people in this industry!

As a Team what makes Kim & Kristine great is that you combine professional skills, different personalities, and business eyes with the emotional eyes that allow you to see each of your buyers, or sellers, or their properties’ needs.
Since you have done your job with the property(s) and with the people (sellers or buyers), your clients can do their job to ‘find’ the best price for themselves, and the best way to manage the stresses of buying or selling Real Estate in a changing marketplace.
Congratulations to all your clients for finding a great Team to work with.

My husband and I found Kristine through a friend and we could not have asked for someone better to walk us through buying our first home. From the start she was professional, honest, open and communicated with us through every step. She is very knowledgeable and listens to your individual needs. We were so lucky to have worked with her and to have made a friend in the process. I would not hesitate to recommend her or her sister Kim to work with in the process of buying selling of a home.

Kim and Kristine are excellent at their work and they’re super helpful and fun to work with as well. I would highly recommend them to home buyers and sellers.

Kim and Kristine were absolutely fantastic! We needed a new home to work in for our non-profit organization, and they made finding it a breeze. They were very helpful and professional, and found us a great deal. We had been very busy at the time, and couldn’t have done it without their assistance. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a new home. Thank you, Kim and Kristine, for your services.

Once my husband and I decided that we wanted to sell our home in Santa Monica, we set out to interview several agents. We were on the fence until we met Kim and Kristine. Their presentation, presence, and personalities won us over immediately. Signing them on as our agents was the single best decision we made. From there, the process went smoothly, quickly, and simply. From the very beginning to the very end they were a joy to work with, skilled in understanding both our needs and the market, and exceedingly professional.

Kim and Kristine brought a unique set of skills to the table that we did not see in any other agent we interviewed. It is rare to find someone that can walk that fine line between being professional and personable.Though we worked primarily with Kim during the sale, Kristine was always ready to help. Having both of them to bounce ideas off of and attend to our listing was ideal. I often joked that we got the two of them for the price of one. But in all honesty, having them both to work our the sale meant more attention to detail, faster communication, and access to a much wider network of resources.

I previously had several experiences with unresponsive agents, so my main concern from the very beginning was communication. However, Kim was exceptionally prompt in returning my calls and emails. I always felt that I was kept aware of what was going on and was reassured when all my questions were answered completely and in-depth. This allowed me to feel much more at ease during, what is inevitably, a stressful experience. My husband’s main concern was our return on investment. We had several conversations about listing prices and ultimately Kim and Kristine’s initial instincts proved spot-on. We sold our home for well over what we purchased it for (just 2.5 years later) which even resulted in a bidding war. It was a best-case scenario. The final sale price made him very happy.

Kim guided us through the labyrinth of the house selling process with ease. From staging, marketing, communicating with buyers agents, hiring inspectors- you could see her experience and confidence at work. Both Kim and Kristine have been in the business for many years and clearly understand their market well- from both the buying and selling perspective.

On a personal level, Kim and Kristine were a dream to work with. They were kind, sincere, honest, and direct. I appreciated their candor and always felt at ease with them. We put a lot of trust in their hands and and in the end, I would make the same decision in a heartbeat. I feel like we hit the jackpot with Kim and Kristine. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Kim and Kristine are phenomenal to work with. I was relocated from New Jersey and they helped me not only to buy a home but transition to the LA lifestyle. From not knowing anything about the areas they took there time showing me almost all of LA county to find the perfect residence that would work for me. With my long hours at work they had no trouble showing me homes early in the morning, late at night, on the weekends, and during my lunch break. They were fun, kind, educated, resourceful, and understanding of my situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will defiantly use them again when the time comes

Kristine is responsible, honest, professional, knowledgeable, experienced, confident, hard working, and personable. Kristine will represent you with the highest character and integrity whether you are buying or listing. She is your guide and resource for real estate solutions.

Kim is a responsible well organised individual who is eager to succeed in business. She sets high standards for herself and is motivated by the need to meet the demands of her clientele. As a manager she shows the potential to run a highly successful and original business. She is creative and imaginative in her approach to challenges, often generating ideas and suggestions that are inspirational to others.

Kristine helped us buy our first home and was a huge help to us. We knew almost nothing about the process and she was always there to guide us. She is smart and honest. I highly recommend her and will call her when we are ready to move again!

Kristine is a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude can make the process of buying a home fun and interesting. She was available at all hours of the day/night to show us homes when it was convenient for us. I would recommend her to anyone who is buying a home, because besides great feedback she was able to help me find exactly what I was looking for.

Kim and Kristine took pride in making sure that the condo my husband and I were looking for matched most of our criteria. Since we decided not to live in that condo, they helped us with renting it out. We couldn’t be happier with our tenants. They are responsible and take pride in keeping it clean and in top condition. Kim and Kristine were responsible for our good fortune. We highly recommend their services.

As a Team what makes you two great is that you combine professional skills, different personalities, and business eyes with the emotional eyes that allow you to see each of your buyers, or sellers, or their properties’ needs. Since you have done your job with the property(s) and with the people (sellers or buyers), your clients can do their job to ‘find’ the best price for themselves, and the best way to manage the stresses of buying or selling Real Estate in a changing marketplace. Congratulations to all your clients for finding a great Team to work with.

Great to see that word sold. I must complement you on the wording of the ad – I thought it was fantastic!!! Thank you so much for all of the hard work and dedicated effort that you put into the sale of this house. You are an outstanding agent!! My best regards.

If you’re looking for the BEST of the BEST , than Kim and Kristine are for you Without a doubt or question, the sister team is flawless in every way. Our experience with Kim and Kristine was above and beyond our expectation. We will continue to thank them and hold them highly regarded.

As a first time home buyer you feel nervous, insecure and overwhelmed with the many decisions and paperwork that head your way. But with their professionalism and expertise I was able to find the home of my dreams.
In the end, I was the lucky one to have found such hard working and loyal realtors who guided me and made me feel that I was always in good hands.

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